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PRICE: $60 Only! (one-time)

No Monthly Charges

100% Risk Free Guarantee


UltraFGP Key Features:

  • UltraFGP posts your ads on auto-pilot 24×7, even when your computer is off

  • UltraFGP can post with text messages, images and links

  • UltraFGP allows you to loop campaigns so that you don’t have to schedule messages ever again

  • UltraFGP has the option to add multiple messages in a campaign so that you don’t post the same message again and again

  • To prevent facebook spam alert UltraFGP posts in batches of 45 groups at a time rather then posting to all the groups at the same time which can block your account

  • UltraFGP enables you to set time intervals between messages so that you don’t get spam alert from facebook for posting too fast

  • With UltraFGP you can import unlimited groups and can add upto 5 facebook accounts

  • UltraFGP gives your own branded app so instead of ‘via hootsuite’ you can have your own website name and link

  • UltraFGP has a one time cost only with no monthly fees

  • NO Webhost/Domain OR Software Download Required! (please read FAQ)


How UltraFGP Works:

You can add upto 5 fb accounts and import unlimited groups!

You can add a campaign with multiple messages so you don’t keep posting the same message again and again.

For example you have 300 groups, it won’t post to all the 300 groups at once to avoid facebook spam alert.

It will first post to batch of 45 groups then after 30 mins second batch of 45 groups and so on until it completes posting on all the 300 groups.

So it can post to 90 groups from one fb account in an hour! You run upto 5 fb accounts simultaneously. 

After it has finished posting on all the groups, it will take gap of 3 hours and start the cycle again with 2nd message from your campaign.

You can also set the campaign to loop, so once it has finished posting all the messages it will automatically start again with the 1st message.

PRICE: $60 Only! (one-time)

No Monthly Charges

100% Risk Free Guarantee