Is UltraFGP a desktop app?

No, UltraFGP is a web based app that is accessed via a web browser.

Can I access UltraFGP from my smart phone?

Yes, since UltraFGP uses a web browser you can access it via smart phone.

Do I need a webhost and domain to install UltraFGP?

UltraFGP is a web based app and runs from a webhost so it can post 24×7 even your computer is off but you don’t have to worry about webhost and domain, We will host your UltraFGP account on our servers for 1 year FREE and just $12/year after that :)


Do I need to setup or install anything?

No you don’t have to do anything :) We will do all the setup required and send you the login details to your UltraFGP account.


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